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Book Buyback Program

Book Buyback Program


Making money has never been so easy.  

The Book Buyback Program is simple. At the end of each semester, bring your books back to the Bookstore to receive up to 50 percent of the new book price, regardless of whether you bought the book new or used. We will buy back books purchased at the Bookstore or anywhere else. 

What do I need to bring?

Please remember to bring your ID for us to swipe when you sell back your books. This will help us to see if you have any rental books that need to be returned. 

When is Book Buyback?

Buyback begins the Thursday before finals week at the end of each semester in the UD Bookstore in Marianist Hall, where we pay students in cash.

How much money will I get?

The buyback price for every book is determined by campus and nationwide demands. The amount we pay you can vary throughout the buyback period. Factors that affect how much money you get back during book buyback include:

  •  Has your instructor reordered the book for the upcoming semester?

  •  Does the Bookstore need more copies or have we bought our limit?

  •  Is the book damaged in any way (e,g., missing pages, water damage, broken binding)?

  •  Is there a pending new edition of the book or is the book already an old edition?

  •  Was the book sold as a bundle? Are pieces are missing?

  •  Is there a wholesale demand for the book (i.e., are other colleges looking to use this book)?

  •  If a professor is reusing the book the following semester, you are more likely to get 50 percent of the new book price.

We order used books numerous times a day, through multiple book wholesalers, trying to stock as many used books as we can. Supply can be limited for newer titles, but if the book is available used, we will do our best to stock it. Used books are typically priced 25 to 30 percent lower than their new book counterparts. If a book is an older edition, we can purchase it cheaper and pass along the savings to customers by selling it for less.

Books change editions every few years, and when that happens we may only be able to offer new versions of a required book. But through our healthy buyback program, we can offer almost all used copies of these books after a semester or two.




Marianist Hall
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