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Book Options

It's Good to have Options.

We are committed to making course materials affordable and accessible for University of Dayton students by offering all course materials in as many formats as we can at the best possible prices. In addition to new books, the Bookstore offers used, rental, and e-books for courses whenever possible for those students who want to save money or minimize their environmental impact.

Textbook Options

New textbooks are often the most expensive option at the Bookstore, but in some cases, loose-leaf copies are available at a fraction of the cost. Loose-leaf textbooks are exactly what they sound like; the textbook is loose-leaf paper with three hole punches to put in a 3-ring binder. The Bookstore sells a variety of binders for you to choose from for your loose-leaf textbooks.

While loose-leaf textbooks are a great option that we love to keep in stock, they are not offered for all textbooks.

It is important to note that loose-leaf textbooks cannot be refunded if the shrink wrap has been removed. Additionally, the Bookstore cannot buy back loose-leaf textbooks at the end of the academic semester.

Used books cost about 25% less than their new counterparts. Oftentimes, these books are just as good as new, with the added bonus of already having the important parts of the book highlighted! Also, by purchasing used books, you'll reduce your environmental impact, both in paper and shipping waste. Look for the yellow "USED" sticker on a book's spine to see if used copies are available.

Used books are available as part of our Book Buyback Program. At the end of each semester, bring your books back to the Bookstore to receive up to 50% of the new book price, regardless of where you bought the book or whether you bought the book new or used.

Hundreds of e-book titles are available through the Bookstore, both online and in the store. E-books are priced lower than the cost of a new textbook and are easily accessible on nearly any device you use.

The Bookstore offers a range of rental textbooks. Pay a fraction of the price of the book and agree to bring it back to us at the end of the semester. As long as the book is not damaged and is turned in on time, your commitment is fulfilled.

Rental books can be as much as 60% less than the new book purchase price. Books eligible for rental will have the rental price listed on the book’s shelf tag. You’ll receive email reminders to return your rental book(s) closer to the end of the semester. If you do not return the book, you will be charged the difference between the rental and purchase prices. The book will then be yours to keep or sell.

Books can be rented at the time of check out. The process is easy and hassle free. Rental books are due back the week following the end of the term. Remember you can convert a rental book to a purchase (you own it!) at any time.

Rental books are a great cost savings option, but they are not always the best option. If you are taking a continuation course - a course that you take for more than one semester, like calculus or chemistry - purchasing the book may be cheaper since you would likely need to rent the book twice (once for each semester).

  • The renter agrees to return the rented textbook(s) by the deadline specified on the front of the purchase receipt in an acceptable condition.
  • Textbooks that are returned with water damage, badly damaged spines or covers, missing pages or covers, or other damage that UD Bookstore management deems to be unacceptable will not be accepted for return.
    • Rented textbooks that are not accepted for return will incur a charge for the amount of the textbook, less the rental fee already paid.
  • Rented textbooks may not be sold for cash to the UD Bookstore.
    • The renter is responsible for informing the cashier upon return that the textbook being returned was rented.
    • Selling back a textbook for cash, even if the cashier approves the buyback in error, does not cancel the terms of this agreement.
  • The renter is responsible for retaining a rental return receipt as proof of return.

  • For Spring 2022, the last day for a full textbook refund is January 21, 2022.
    • All textbook sales are final after this date.
  • If you drop a course, the last day for a full textbook refund for the respective course materials is January 31, 2022.
    • All drops are verified in Banner.
    • All textbook sales are final after this date.
  • Our refund policy is posted on the back of receipts.
  • Rental information: Rentals must be returned by posted date or a late fee will be assessed. If the book is not returned within one week of the due date, the full retail price of the book will be due less original rental fee.



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