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Suicide Prevention Week 2018

By Sarah DeWitt, Coordinator of Health Education and Wellness Promotion

Did you know 67% of college students tell a friend they are having thoughts of suicide before they tell anyone else?* 

September 10th has been recognized as world suicide prevention day since 2003, with the intention of bringing awareness to suicide and mental health. During the week of September 10-15th initiatives around mental health promotion and  suicide prevention at the University of Dayton will be highlighted. These initiatives strive to enrich the community of care that is an intrinsic piece of our institutional identity. Mental Health is defined as the state of well-being in which an individual realizes their own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to their community (World Health Organization, 2014). During this week, The Division of Student Development will be providing training, education and resources regarding mental health to the community, which will continue throughout the academic year. We, as an institution, are committed to building each individual's capacity to be an active member of our community of care which build confidence in an individual ability to balance their responsibilities and challenges them to grow in ways that allow students to thrive at the University of Dayton and beyond.

Throughout the week all members of the community are encouraged to participate a variety of activities including:
  • - An online training module, Kognito, to build skills and prepare participants to lead real-life conversations with individuals in distress and connect them with support.
  • - Mental Health First Aid 8 hour in-person training courses will be offered to the community starting on September 15th with a session for students.
Community Wellness Services and the Counseling Center will offer additional educational outreach programs throughout the week including:
  • - Tabling outside of Kennedy Union during the lunch hour on Monday and Tuesday
  • - FREE community group fitness classes in partnership with Campus Recreation to promote the benefits of exercise on mental health on Monday at 6 PM and Wednesday at 7 PM in Studio B
  • - “It’s Real: College students and Mental Health” a PATH eligible film screening and discussion about mental health on college campuses on Thursday at 5 PM in VWK 145

To be successful as an institution, all within the UD community must be involved and take an active role to model an ethos of wellness that destigmatizes mental health issues and educates around mind, body, and spirit. For more information on the events during Suicide Prevention Week 2018 visit or contact Sarah DeWitt, coordinator of health education and wellness promotion, at

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