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Mac Monday: Essential Skills

You got a new Mac for Christmas, you're a seasoned Mac guru or you only know email and eBay. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of computer knowledge, check out the free tutorials at GCFlearn for Mac OS X.  You can even test your knowledge before going through the tutorials: take the quiz to see how much you already know.

GCFlearn has tutorials for applications as well as many other topics. Use the Topics menu in the upper left to see tutorial titles.

The site also offers other languages if you are not a native English speaker or you want practice in another language. At the bottom of the Topics window there is a link for Translations to access topics in other languages. The upper right corner of any GCFlearn web page has a link to change from English to Spanish or Portuguese. The entire site is assessable in those languages.

Whether you visit the site to learn about Macs or learn something else this resource is provided as a free service from Goodwill Community Foundation.

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