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Mac Monday: Make the Most of Spotlight

If you have a magical solution to file organization, are a genius at mathematical computation in your head and you know how to get to a place you have never been without a GPS or directions you likely have little need for Spotlight.  I suspect the vast majority of Mac users find one or more reasons to use Spotlight for accomplishing one or more tasks.  Recently with the Safari 12 update one favorite use of Spotlight stopped working.  Any attempt to type numbers caused the search bar to disappear.

"Turn OFF (uncheck) the Bookmarks & History option in Spotlight pane in System Preferences. The problem will stop until Apple fixes Safari.”  Credit to for posting this.

Even if you never noticed that Spotlight is broken or lucky for you it is not try your hand at finding one or more uses that may be beneficial for you.  This month  spend time exploring 10 cool tips and tricks for Spotlight -  Share what you most like to use or other uses not mentioned in the article.

Should none of what has been mentioned so far make any sense to you check out a basic introduction to Spotlight then come back to the tips and tricks when you are ready for more -
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