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Flash Fill Full Support Comes to Office 2016 in Update 16.15 for Mac

When you have a column where each cell contains two or more pieces of data such as first name and last name, let Excel do the work of splitting the data into separate columns for you.

Or, if you have separate data such as first and last name in two columns you want to combine Excel can easily merge for you.

Excel detects a pattern letting you indicate it is correct.  This feature first appeared in Excel 2013 for Windows and continued with Excel 2016

Based on numerous requests from Mac users, Microsoft is releasing full support for Flash Fill in Office 2016 Mac starting with the version 15 release in July 2018.  Early adopters may get this release now by checking the box when you visit Check for Updates in the Help menu of any Microsoft application.  

There are a few neat tips and tricks I recently learned that make this a simpler tool to use than when it first came out so even Windows users may learn a thing or two.

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