Tuesday October 17, 2017

Phish Commish: October Phish-A-Palooza!

Our phish muscles are monster strong, folks - the September training exercise, a spoofed call for hurricane aid from The Salvation Army, only caught .03% unaware. That’s fewer than a dozen of us. We couldn’t find a properly “amazed” emoji, so you’ll have to just imagine one right . . . . here. . .  <<**amazed emoji**>>

Now, to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Phish Commish is preparing a veritable “palooza” of phish exercises - four total, of varying difficulty throughout October. We’ve even got an adventurous group of students joining in the fun. P.C. has carefully crafted these ploys to test our mettle . . . and your safe computing team’s got its money on our mettle!

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