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The Importance of Data Backup

Many people rely on technology for most of their personal and professional lives. Technology is heavily relied upon, but on rare occasions it may fail. Many people store their personal photos of family and friends on their computer, which are cherished keep sakes we want to keep safe. Others also record important documents such as their taxes on their computer as well. There is no guarantee that your computer will remain in proper functionality. The best solution to avoid losing data, such as this, is to backup your important files.

There are many ways to backup your data from your computer. One cheap and easy way to backup data is through the cloud. Many companies provide data backup services at little to no cost. This form of storage requires a network connection which can automatically be set to backup your data at a set time frame. For example, the University of Dayton provides a network drive for you to backup and restore information at

Another way to backup your data is though an external hard drive. This drive can be purchased at any electronic store or retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. This option does not require a network connection and is a solid reassurance that you will always have access to the information. This backup procedure is done manually unlike the automatic backup such as the cloud.

There are many techniques for backing up files. A technique is best selected  based on the type of data you need to backup, the convenience you need and more. There is no guarantee that technology will work perfectly or at all times, so you need to be prepared incase an incident comes up where you are unable to recover files from your computer or other devices. For more information regarding computer backups please visit:
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