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The Phish Commish Says: Real People Don’t Email at 3 a.m.

Sure, some people do. But probably not your boss with a legitimate request for a list of salaries or a bank transfer. The “when” matters. Our March phish training will employ tells based on Date/Time and Subject Red Flags. Here’s your cheat sheet: 

And now, a recap of our February phish training. Below is the “Oops!” message that displayed if someone clicked the link in that shifty message from “FedExx.” It outlines the “tells” you might’ve noticed:

The campus “click-rate” (calculated by “link clicks,” not opening the message itself) was 13.3%. We know messages purporting to be from services we know, love and use are particularly tempting click-bait, but our Phish Commish was still a bit dismayed (he prefers to see us in the single-digits); his reaction can best be summed up thus:

But the Phish Commish will survive. And we shall go forth to confidently detect and conquer the March training phish.

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