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UDit Recycling Program helps you help others

By Written by: Abby Papenfus

Recycling, repurposing and donating old technology

Written by: Abby Papenfus

Although best known for restoring data on crashed hard drives and providing campus with HBO GO, UDit works to help the community in other ways, too.

Rather than trashing old technology equipment (resulting in pollution, waste and health hazards), UDit recycles, repurposes or donates these items, promoting a sustainable and sociably responsible environment at UD.

When UDit receives decommissioned IT equipment, they must first decide if it can be reused or recycled. If the latter, they use the Recycle Tomorrow Program and Cohen Recycling for disposal. Last year alone, UDit recycled over 17,000 pounds of equipment -- more mass than the average elephant

If a piece of technology is still usable, UDit repurposes it for campus use or donates it to a local organization.

In preparation for repurposing, computers are erased and the operating system reloaded before heading out to the requested location. In 2015, over 30 repurposed computers were sent to campus departments and organizations, including Flyer Enterprises and Flyer Radio.

UDit’s efforts benefit communities outside of UD, too. Upon request, reformatted computers may be donated to nonprofits. Last year, 55 computers were donated to local groups including Boy Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity, Girls Club of Dayton, Edgemont Community Center, St. Vincent DePaul Women’s Center, Harvey Russell Elementary and East End Community Center.

“Our IT staff try not to only save the environment by recycling IT equipment properly, but we try to save the University money by diverting computer purchases for a few more years. We also get the added benefit of making a difference with local nonprofits as we donate much needed technology,” Assistant Director and Help Desk/Operations Manager of UDit, Jamie Luckett, said.

However, to further assist the community and environment, UDit needs the help and donations of students and faculty members. Getting involved is simple.

UDit has teamed up with Flyer Enterprises to establish drop-off sites during exam week for students to recycle their old technology, which UDit will then either recycle or refurbish for non-profit use.

Students may drop off any electronic equipment to 438 Stonemill Road on May 2 through May 5 from 4 to 8 p.m. They may also drop off any equipment to UDit’s office during normal business hours.

To request equipment removal or to recycle, please visit:

Giving old computers to UDit not only keeps the earth healthier by preventing hazardous materials from polluting the environment, but also creates opportunities and hope for those in need.

Follow UDit’s upcoming series highlighting the people and organizations impacted by the recycling program at

The UDit Sustainability Committee, consisting of UD faculty, students and IT staff, is dedicated to advancing IT sustainability practices on campus. We strive to be a campus leader in sustainability initiatives through campus education and leading IT practices in energy consumption, recycling and equipment acquisition.

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