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Technology March 20, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Inserting Text into Word
Learn how to insert text into Microsoft Word with just two clicks!
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Technology March 13, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Drawing on PowerPoint
Emphasize key presentation points by learning how to draw on PowerPoint slides.
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Technology March 06, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Test Your Hoonuit Skills
Who would've thought you could assess your Hoonuit skills? Learn how!
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Technology February 27, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Adding World Clock on Google Calendar
It's training time... Learn how to add a world clock to your Google Calendar!
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Technology February 20, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Drawing Straight Lines in Microsoft
Drawing straight lines in Microsoft Office isn't straightforward, but you can learn how with this tip!
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Technology February 13, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: AutoFill in Excel
Save time and effort by using Excel's AutoFill feature!
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Technology February 06, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Deleting Words with Keyboard
Learn the keyboard combination that lets you delete entire words in a Microsoft Word document.
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Technology February 05, 2018
Mac Monday: Apple Introduces HomePod
Learn more about Apple's new HomePod, which is available for $349 starting Feb. 9, 2018.
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Technology January 30, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Creating a Personal Contact Group
Learn how to create and modify a personal email distribution list on Gmail.
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Technology January 23, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Hoonuit's My Campus Training Option
Learn how to create customized training modules on Hoonuit.
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