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Technology February 04, 2019
Mac Monday: Essential Skills
New Mac user? Seasoned Mac user? GCFlearn offers free online training to fit every need.
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Technology November 05, 2018
Mac Monday: Make the Most of Spotlight
Use Spotlight to organize, compute and direct your life. Here's how.
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Technology September 28, 2018
A Review of Apple's Newest iPhones
A student's take on Apple's new offerings
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Technology September 12, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Gmail's New Look
Your UD Gmail account is taking on a new look in late October. Take a look!
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Technology August 06, 2018
Mac Monday: What's Next for Apple?
Apple recently became the first company to reach the trillion dollar mark in worth. What's next for Apple?
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Technology July 02, 2018
Flash Fill Full Support Comes to Office 2016 in Update 16.15 for Mac
New feature lets Excel do the work of splitting the data into separate columns.
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Technology June 04, 2018
Apple Special Event Live Stream 1:00 pm Eastern Time Monday June 4
Join the live stream from WWDC at 1 pm Monday June 4 to get the latest Apple announcements - If you miss the live stream just check back later for the recording. The expectation is for unveiling OS 10.14 along with other software.
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Technology April 17, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Adding Favorite Videos in Hoonuit
Who knew you could add your favorite videos in Hoonuit?! Learn how.
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Technology April 10, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Inserting Hyperlinks into Word
Learn a simple shortcut for placing a hyperlink into Microsoft Word!
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Technology March 27, 2018
Training Tuesday Tip: Inserting Excel Data
Learn how to "excel" when inserting Excel data into multiple cells.
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