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GE engineer, UD grad student to discuss wind energy in first session of 2021 speaker series

By Mark Gokavi

Andy Chang, a performance engineer at GE Renewable Energy and a renewable and clean energy graduate student at the University of Dayton is first up in the spring 2021 Clean Energy Speaker Series.

Chang, whose expertise is in wind and power curve measurements for onshore wind turbines, will discuss wind energy basics and the role of GE wind energy in the United States during a Zoom session from 7-8 p.m. Feb. 9.

Chang said wind energy is the United States’ cheapest option for new power projects. Wind power generates 8 percent of the nation’s electricity and that market share is forecast to grow four-fold in the next 30 years.

He said energy by machines manufactured domestically will provide highly skilled, well-paying jobs as public policy, markets and technical advancements propel the industry’s growth.

According to the abstract of Chang’s presentation, GE Renewable Energy is one of the world's leading turbine suppliers with more than 42,000 units installed and generating wind electricity across the globe. GE’s wind energy solutions include a suite of onshore and offshore turbines, flexible support services ranging from development assistance to digital optimization, operation, and maintenance.

Chang said his enthusiasm for renewable energy is strongly manifested in his passion for outdoor wintertime activities such as skiing and alpine climbing, and also for his 2-year-old son's future.

The series, presented by mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Kevin Hallinan, continues Feb. 18 with Go Sustainability Energy CEO John Serynak and March 4 with Mohammad Pakravan of Green Empowerment.

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