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National Clery Compliance Awareness Week

Institutions of higher education that participate in federal financial aid programs must comply with certain federal laws to remain eligible. One of those laws, commonly known as the Clery Act, marks its 30th year in 2020. During awareness week, the department will share facts and information related to Clery compliance and those familiar things on campus that result from it. 

Who is the "clery" of the clery act?

Jeanne Clery attended Lehigh University in the mid-1980's. Jeanne awakened one night to find another student burglarizing her residence hall room. The other student, who had gained access to Jeanne's floor through propped doors, raped and murdered Jeanne before being apprehended and sentenced to life in prison. 

How did jeanne clery's death lead to change?

Devastated, Jeanne's parents pushed the university and their state's legislature for change. They asserted that they had chosen Lehigh specifically for the assurances they had received about the safety of campus. They worked to make sure that universities collect and release crime statistics so that students, faculty, staff, and those considering joining a university in one of those capacities could make informed decisions.

Their advocacy led to the passage of the Clery Act which initially only required certain crime-related disclosures.

how has compliance with the act changed since 1990?

In the early years, compliance with the Clery Act required disclosure of crime statistics that filled one sheet of paper the size of a restaurant placemat. Today, the disclosures include crime statistics but also over 120 policy-related statements in an Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report. This report at UD has well over 100 pages and includes information not only to campus security and fire safety but also to other areas on campus that provide security and safety related services to students, staff and faculty. The latest version of this report is available for download on Public Safety's website. 


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