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President January 11, 2019
Amazing and Brave

The aroma of chicken shawarma and spicy aloo gobi wafted through the Kennedy Union Ballroom as I entered to offer a personal welcome to new international students.

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President December 21, 2018
A Christmas Reflection

In my annual Christmas message to students, faculty, and staff, I reflect on how the University of Dayton is more than our home away from home. It's a place in our hearts.

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President December 13, 2018
In Real Life

When our online MBA@Dayton students from around the country traveled to the University of Dayton for a servant-leadership immersion weekend this fall, they hugged each other and chatted as though they were long-lost friends, even though many had never met before.

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President December 10, 2018
Radical Love

Every person deserves dignity. Every person deserves a voice. When our students advocate for the vulnerable, they become a voice for the voiceless in a world that is not always just. Their stories give me faith in the future. And their mindset is one we want to cultivate in all graduates, no matter their degree.

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President December 06, 2018
Taste Test

If a taste test counts, the nine students in Professor Pat Dolan's Introduction to Food Science Lab just aced their final exam.

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President November 28, 2018
One Student at a Time

We often talk and write about students as a collective, whether it is “UD students” or “the Class of 2022” or some other construct, but as we all know, this collective is made up of *individual* students, each one with hopes and dreams for their future, each one loved and encouraged by family and friends.

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President November 20, 2018
A Thanksgiving Reflection

In my Thanksgiving message to the University of Dayton community, I reflect on why this holiday holds such meaning. It's about gratitude for life’s simplest joys and greatest blessings.

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President November 05, 2018
Elevating Our Sights
The University of Dayton has been shaped by generations of visionaries — wise men and women with imagination and faith.
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President October 31, 2018
Our Voices — And Our Votes — Matter
Allison Saracina, a senior international studies major, has learned a powerful lesson from serving as a Dayton Civic Scholar and volunteering as a student ambassador for the nonpartisan organization Vote Everywhere.
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President October 30, 2018
Is Civility a Lost Art?
Is engaging in respectful dialogue and carefully listening to opposing viewpoints a lost art? Evidenced by the overflow crowd of University of Dayton students at a recent Friday afternoon panel discussion, “Civil Dialogue in Uncivil Times,” that was sponsored by the department of communication, I would say it’s far from lost.
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