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President's Blog: From the Heart

The Miracle of Christmas

By Eric F. Spina

In my Christmas message to the Flyer family, I encourage us to open up our hearts to the miracle of the season. 

Dear University of Dayton Family and Friends,

By now, most of us in Flyer Nation have found our way home for Christmas and are spending meaningful time with family, relatives, and loved ones after the hectic end of the semester.

Advent and Christmas always lead us “home,” to a place of communion with others as we prepare to welcome the newborn Savior with joy and optimism.

For Christians, this good news — that God loves us so much that he sent His son to redeem us — is not new, of course. It’s a reminder to open up our hearts to the miracle of the true and everlasting Christmas.

And for all, it’s a call to reflect on how we share our gifts and blessings with others.

For me, this special community we’ve created at the University of Dayton is a gift worth celebrating. We strive to love as Jesus commanded (“love one another as I have loved you”), treat all with dignity and respect, and care for those less fortunate. As we enter a new decade, I encourage all of us to recommit ourselves to living out faithfully these simple Marianist ideals; we can make a difference if we do.

The holiday season always evokes vivid memories of joyful moments spent with the people we love. And while some of our loved ones may no longer be with us, those memories are our North Star, guiding us to bring light and joy to the world. Let our lives be beacons of faith, love, and hope.

From our family to yours, Karen, Kaitlyn, Emery, and I wish you a joyful Christmas.

May God’s grace be with you,

Eric F. Spina

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