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President's Blog: From the Heart

Easter joy

By Eric F. Spina

In an Easter message, I invite students, faculty and staff to recommit ourselves to living more fully our mission of building community and creating a more just world for all. 

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

My family and I wish you a joyful Easter as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ — and the gift of renewed life.

For our Jewish brothers and sisters celebrating Passover, we wish you an abundance of joy and blessings.

Regardless of your faith tradition or beliefs, I invite all in our diverse campus community to pause, reflect, and rejoice in the many gifts of our lives.

This sacred time invites us to live more fully our mission of building community, of creating a more just world for all. The Easter season, filled with renewal and hope, invites us to create a campus community that welcomes all in a spirit of hospitality and friendship.

On this blessed day, I wish you God’s grace, the love of Mary, and the hope embodied in the Resurrection. Most of all, I wish you great joy!


Eric F. Spina

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