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My Life

Find Your Passion, You'll Soar

I don’t think it’s too uncommon to find oneself on the edge of one’s high school career, looking out at the seemingly endless possibilities that the future holds and feel… lost. 

College opens doors, there’s no doubt about that. It’s one of those rare points you have in your life where you find yourself with the opportunity to start over, to build something out of nothing. Not knowing what you’re going to build… well that’s where things get interesting. 

Some people are lucky to come into school knowing exactly what they want to do. They know where they want to be working in 5 years, what they want to be involved in while they’re in school, and they know every step in between. Some people know what they’re going to build. However, it’s not uncommon to play things a bit more casually— taking on those big questions as they come. What matters is that you let the work you be guided by your passions, not necessarily your interests. 

If I were to major in everything I was interested in, I would have a solid 35 majors at least. It’s interesting to see just how much of my daily life has nothing to do with my major. I get out of class and design a snapchat filter for an upcoming campus event. I help take professional headshots for my buddy’s LinkedIn profile. I sit with my friends and help them pick out and set up surround sound systems in their dorm rooms (a little overkill, I know). All of these things make up my hobbies and interests. Am I looking to be a graphic designer? No m’am! Am I looking to graduate and work as a professional photographer? Not even close! Am I looking to work in music production and sound engineering? You guessed it, no!

The truth is, I want to graduate and go work in a city’s economic development or city management department. I know deep down that I have a passion for development and service to my community. So am I wasting my time, spinning my wheels on things that won’t help me in my future? I’d like to think I’m only moving forward.

Our experiences are special, and who we are as people is derived from those experiences. Diversifying your interests, spending time learning something new is never wasted time. In reality, my time spent on these seemingly random hobbies are making me a stronger— and better well rounded— candidate for my future career. However, it is my passion that keeps me pointed in the same consistent direction.

Your interests are important. Never let them go by the wayside. But don’t necessarily use them as your sole guide when it comes to deciding what to build in your life. Let your hands be guided by your passions, and use your interests to supplement your work. 

Find your passion, and you’ll see your future light up in front of you.