Born to Run

It’s been one of those weeks— every day becomes a non-stop rush from one place to another, meeting to meeting, class to class. What better way to come back from a nice, restful spring break??

What strikes me to be most interesting about this week is that what kept me most busy wasn’t class work, studying, or late night coffee-fueled papers. Instead, this week was a flurry of extracurricular involvement. 

Resident assistant meetings. Future campus development concept meetings. Campaign staff meetings for the upcoming Student Government Association elections. Applying for summer internship positions. I’m not even sure I could tell you how many meals I missed along the way. 

As a sat in the chapel last night at 11:30 at night, amongst three cameras and lights filming a campaign video, it was then and there that I realized that—amidst the craziness that was my week— that this is where I’m my happiest. 

“Just remember you’re there to get your degree”

The comment that every college kid will be told at minimum 30 times in their college career. Sure, absolutely: you’re here to learn. You’re here to study hard, get good grades, and get a good job after you graduate. That being said, you’re here for so much more. You’re here to learn about how to juggle a thousand different jobs and responsibilities at once. You’re here to learn how to interact with others, to be productive at the same time. You’re here to have fun along the way. 

Going to college is so much more than a degree. Your degree doesn’t make you who you are, your experiences along the way form your path going into the future. All those people you meet in the clubs you’re involved with, all those random responsibilities you pick up at work, finding time to enjoy and engage in your passions along the way— these make you who you are.

I’m typing this while sitting on my couch in my room on a Friday at 5:00 in the evening while listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”. I think we can take a cue from this classic. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day. Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in all these things that we get ourselves involved in. But in these moments, when we feel most overwhelmed, we have to remember that we are all born to run. We all have the freedom to pursue what we’re passionate about. 

Don’t get lost in your degree— get lost in what you love.

With that being said, I’m gonna go take a nap. 

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