All Play and No Work?

My month of rest is almost over and I can't begin to describe the struggle of finding employment while I am here. I'm used to having another job to fall back on while I'm not in Dayton working my on-campus jobs, but life showed up this year and I currently have nothing. I didn't last more than two days being in Cleveland before I was in a full frenzy looking for work. 

Why? 1) Because I have bills to pay, quite frankly 2) Sitting at home all day was not something I wanted to do for nearly a month. 

“You’re looking for a long-term, reliable job for those long periods of time that you are home from college and would like to continue paying your bills, supporting your education, and having other personal expenses as most young adults should? You’ve come to the wrong place, good luck with that.”

It seems as though this is what all employers are telling me. Everywhere I looked seemed like "the wrong place." To call the job search “nerve-wracking” would be an understatement. 

But hey, managers, I get it. The schedule may seem complex, but the thought of waiting until summer to start a new job just makes my skin crawl. 

I spend hours perfecting my resume and once again putting to use my amazing job search skills on Indeed. I wake up and that’s all I do basically all day — making a list, making calls to check up on applications that were not even glanced at. I no longer have a place to work while I’m home from school, and it’s eaten me up.

 I'm hoping someone can relate to how I feel. Maybe you always feel like you understand that managers are busy, they’ve got things to do other than tend to inquiries about that “help wanted” sign you saw in their window. But when you know you’re a qualified candidate with significant experience in the job that you are applying for, it’s almost like there’s a voice in your head telling you that they need to call you as soon as your application is submitted and that you need to start work the next day. That shouldn't be too much to ask for right? On a serious note, most of the time you can't just find a job in a month, and it seems like every time I get on the phone to schedule an interview, people are mortified to hear that I am a college student who doesn't live in Cleveland year-round. 

It almost makes me feel bad for leaving Cleveland to go to college. Most of my friends here go to Cleveland State, John Carroll, Case Western, etc. and they are able to both go home whenever they want, and they have the freedom to work wherever they want in the Cleveland area and keep that job forever. These friends don't run into this problem that I do, and not only are they staying at these jobs for longer, but they have more opportunity to move up in that business or establishment and gain experience a variety of long-term positions that may ultimately be key to their career development. These things are amazing, but they are also things that a working college student with bills such as myself should have planned out before I decided that I wanted to drive three hours away to college. I love being at UD so I don't actually regret my decision, but this is a real, current struggle that I'm experiencing that comes with me being an out-of-town student. My academics come first, and so do my on-campus jobs, so those aren't going anywhere and I am more than grateful for those. 

Well, this week's rant is over, but what I would like to propose is my (VERY brief) business plan: a store, restaurant, national business (of WHATEVER) that ONLY employs college students that are in their hometown for breaks, and provides them with an easy way to make money while they are not at school. This, of course, takes a lot a planning, and I tend to be an outrageous dreamer, so I want to really dedicate time to building an actual proposal to make this brain child come true. For those who may be in the same situation that I am, I see you, and it's time for change. 

Besides that, I am so excited to eventually be back in Dayton, Ohio--where everything seems to be chaotic, but still in order. 

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