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Students November 24, 2017
Thanksgiving Change But Traditions Stay The Same
I learned this Thanksgiving that even with drastic changes such as our Thanksgiving tradition of having a large amount of family at the restaurant every year, allows for different traditions to be made...
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Experiential Learning November 19, 2017
Interesting take on the idea of our purpose in life
What is purpose? It?s a question we all constantly are asking others and ourselves. Kermally challenges this and answers this question all at once saying, ?perhaps, finding your purpose has less to do with the purpose itself, but how you define it.?
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Students November 17, 2017
The calm before the storm
It?s going to go by fast, but that?s why everyone is scrambling this week to make up all their study guides and plan out the two weeks before finals because with the correct preparation, one can only feel confident weathering the storm...
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Students and Campus Life November 16, 2017
Tough Talks
Taking the opportunity to discuss the real problems in search of the Common Good.
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Students November 15, 2017
Yellow Leaves
For me it is as if the barren trees represent hope and the leaves on the ground represent the opportunity for new beginnings...
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Students November 14, 2017
Working out with TedX
This video is not just applicable to college students about to graduate or students who have graduated and are looking for what to do, but can be applicable to anyone trying to figure out what they?re doing in their life, especially if there is a big change occurring or about to occur...
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Research November 13, 2017
UD undergraduate research involving the Emerald Ash Borer.
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Students and Campus Life October 30, 2017
Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend
Since the dates never matched up for my dad to come to dad?s weekend, this is my first time participating in Kappa Delta Dad?s Weekend...
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Students October 22, 2017
Fall Leadership Conference 2017
Putting "Learn. Lead. Serve." into perspective.
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Students October 18, 2017
Becoming aware of my experiential learning
After going through the workshop I was able to understand the different opportunities I have had in life and connect them to one another...
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