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Flyer TV

Have you ever found yourself perusing every single channel, and yet it still seems nothing good is on TV? If you have, it certainly has not been on the University of Dayton (UD) campus. We have the best channel in the entire history of television. Look no further than channel 510, Flyer TV.

Flyer TV is a UD student-operated television station responsible for producing and editing its own material. Content on Flyer TV has the usual news and sports, but also incredibly dynamic programs such as dating shows featuring UD students, sketch comedy, native Ohio bird-watching (for the amateur Ornithologists), and stop-motion movies starring everyone’s favorite “Toy Story” character, Mr. Potato Head. The station is also responsible for filming events that are not aired directly on the television channel, such as academic senate meetings and official UD athletic events.

Tom Cook, a senior media productions major, depicted his experience working with with Flyer TV, “Throughout my time at UD, it (Flyer TV) has provided me with the confidence to go into the workforce after learning the necessary skills, as well as leadership qualities that would resonate in any field.” He was quick to point out how unique it is to be a member of a production team and to see the production process unfold firsthand. Another member of Flyer TV, Pat Bernauer, noted how important his experience will be for the future of his career, as Flyer TV is, “Teaching us how to be marketable.”

My favorite Flyer TV program is a recent concoction from the likes of Tom Cook, Pat Bernauer, Johnny Antonini, and Matt Hilliard. They form the warmhearted and goofy “Thunder Action News.” The show captures a host of questionable news topics, a most likely shirtless Tom Cook, and a small “dinosauraus Rex” named Sarah. From what I have seen so far, Thunder Action News is unequivocally changing the way our society absorbs the news, illustrating how truly innovative this program has become. Tom cook commented on the show, “It’s an idea we had on our first day of college, and it’s coming into fruition in our final semester thanks to the equipment and facilities provided by Flyer TV. And, of course, from the wonderful humor we have inherited from Roy Flynn. And also by watching what NOT to do on Channel 2.”

Whether you are in between classes on a Tuesday afternoon, bored on a Friday night, or simply can’t decide what channel to flip to, I highly recommend checking out Flyer TV. You are bound to learn something new or let out a laugh or two. At the very least, you will clearly see the brightness and amiability of University of Dayton students.

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