Work Hard, Play Hard

“We’re gonna go out there, and we’re gonna win one for the Gipper! And uhh… Yeah! Let’s go!” I will never forget the “pump up” speech given by one of my floor mates before our first intramural flag football game of the season. As a South Bend, IN native, hearing a goofy speech impersonating Notre Dame football great Knute Rockne had me in stitches. My floor mate, he shall remain nameless (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), dressed up like a mock college football coach wearing a hideously mismatching suit and tie with a video game headset. He had also managed to somehow find a clipboard onto which he clamped a piece of paper covered in smiley faces. Thus began my University of Dayton intramurals experience.

UD offers a wide variety of intramural sports, catering to many unique athletic backgrounds. Along with common sports such as soccer, softball, and flag football, UD intramurals offers more unique sports like badminton, ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball. In terms of participation, a little over 50% of the student body is involved with intramurals. If you are as athletic as a canister of molasses, have no fear! Both recreational and competitive leagues are offered, ensuring all students are having fun as part of a team! 

Similar to many college students, I have become much busier in my college career and finding time for friends can be difficult. However, intramurals is the perfect way to connect with friends I would not have seen otherwise. Every Sunday night I meet to play flag football with buddies from my freshman year floor. Despite our normally lighthearted conduct on the field, we have no problem putting our bodies on the line to win one for the Gipper. 

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