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My Life

Slow Transitions

It’s been a little less than a month since I’ve been back from my study abroad experience in Seoul, South Korea.

Over the break, I’ve been celebrating the holidays with my family and taking time to meet up with friends and catch up with what we’ve all missed out on during the semester that I’ve been away.

It’s been bittersweet being back home. I get to see family and hang out with friends. But I’ve grown homesick to the country that I’ve called my home for the past 5 months.

Being back in the States feels so normal and yet so different. It’s odd to think that just over a month ago I was living and studying in a foreign country. It feels different in the sense that I’ve been living away in Korea for the past 5 months and I can only picture myself there now that I am here. What I’ve grown accustomed to there makes me feel like there’s something missing and out of place here. Like I’m missing a part of myself. Being back home and back at school now, being surrounded by everything I’m so familiar with, it feels almost as if the past semester hasn’t even happened and I’m only left with the photos and what I remember in my memory to prove that I’ve been there and done that.

Studying abroad is a beautiful time. It’s a time to find out more about yourself and where you stand and where your place is in the world. I’ve learned more about myself in the past 5 months than I have 4 years in high school. Not only do you learn about yourself but you learn about the people who make up the world. You learn humility and you learn to love and embrace the differences at we all share.

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