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Don't Settle

Being back from studying abroad has been one of the hardest transitions for me and it’s still not entirely easy. I can’t say that I’m completely over it because I never will be quite over it. I know my past few blog posts have been about studying abroad, but having that experience and living in another country for several months of your life is something that you can’t easily forget. The feelings, the experiences and the people stay with you and never really goes away. And especially having grown so close with my roommates back in Korea with whom I have tons of shared experiences and memories, it’s hard not to miss the people who have influenced the 5 months of your life and the time that you’ve shared together.

Also trying to adjust from one of the largest cities in the world to being back in a small city has been a difficult change of pace in my life. I’ve always loved the city and had planned on going to the city for my undergrad but deciding to come to UD had been a change in my plans. But my experience in Seoul has made me fully feel and understand where it is that I find myself desiring to be.

I think studying abroad really makes you realize what it is that you really want. I’ve recently talked to a friend who’s had the chance to go abroad a couple times through UD programs including the Malawi Practicum and studying abroad for a semester and it’s helped him realize that he wants to go out to the capital city and potentially abroad later on in his career to do what he’s been craving to do since his time abroad. Your time abroad challenges you so much in ways that being here cannot. It’s allowed for me to believe that there are so many possibilities for me out there and that I shouldn’t settle for anything less than what I believe I deserve; in my career or in my personal life. 

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