Back on Track with that Pack on my Back

Today is the first day back for everyone that has classes and my birthday also just happened to land on this day *birthday kisses to me*. So I guess that my birthday present from UD is coming back to school even though I could’ve used another day for myself… but life will go on.  It’s syllabus week and my classes so far seem fine. It always does until you’re about 2-3 weeks in. I haven’t had an 8am since my first semester of freshman year but this year I just decided to take one so that I wouldn’t have any classes on Friday (go me). I am taking Theatre 304 which is a ‘Movement for Everyone’ class instead of the Music 232 to fill my arts integration class requirement. We did some form of meditation and dance moves that my body was not ready to test out just yet. I did break a little sweat but I think this class will give me enough energy so that I won’t need coffee. I am currently regretting not writing anything over break because my writing skills are incredibly rusty right now. But other than the fact that I’ve had to wake up bright and early on my birthday for a theatre class, all is well and it's kinda ok to be back (though I wouldn't mind being in my bed right now). 
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