Gobble Gobble

You know what they say about Turkey Day… gobble gobble gobble all the food you can eat because it’s the one time of year that you can eat all the treats! I know you’re probably thinking, wow that was corny, but it is so true! Thanksgiving is the one holiday where everyone is expected to eat as much as you can with the fam. Well for me I drove back to upstate New York to see my Italian family. This is the side of the family that owns the Italian Trattoria, Tiso’s. Unfortunately my mom, dad and brother could not attend, however, seeing all the rest of my family was awesome and I’ll get to see my immediate family in 18 days!

This Thanksgiving felt different because I knew it was going to be the last Thanksgiving like this ever as my grandparents are retiring and closing the restaurant for good December 13th.  Although there is some sadness that comes with this, I know I have been blessed to have it as a part of my upbringing. Fifty years is a long time to have a family Trattoria and my grandparents deserve a break!

It’s definitely going to be different not going back and having the family restaurant but I have learned so much about having a strong work ethic and I know how important my family is!

I think with this in mind Thanksgiving felt even more special this year. There were all the same faces, but so many more hugs than normal (if that’s even possible in an Italian family!) and just so much joy and love. I know it’s always been there but I think I was just seeing it more clearly this Thanksgiving knowing that it would never be like this again. But change is good and sometimes change can be even better. I just have to say thank goodness for the amazing memories. Not everyone can say they grew up working in their family’s Trattoria, I know I am blessed to be able to!

Along with all the family and love of course came food and friends! There was definitely a lot to be thankful for. My favorite part about Thanksgiving was the thankful cards! What we do is write down what we are thankful for on thankful cards and then after we are all done eating, having the annual football game, talking clearing and so on, and right before dessert we read everything everyone said! This year I got to read them, which was such an honor!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving filled with thankfulness, joy, family, friends and good food! And also don’t forget that change is important, but what is most important is allowing change and looking for the good in everything in order to find joy in the process!

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