Back At It

By Alexandria Erin

Wake up, run over to Fitz Hall, get parking pass, go to mail room and get packages, put parking pass in car, park in correct lot, back to the house, grab a cup of coffee, go upstairs, sit in room and realize I have no idea what to do with myself for 4 hours. This is how my first day back at UD in 8 months was like. I just sat and realized that I had already done my homework given to me for the first day of classes, I had run all my errands and what was left was going to class. Class doesn’t start until 2pm and it’s right across the street. How did life all of a sudden go from too fast to too slow?

I know that once classes start, Kappa Delta events pick up and other random events and things come into motion I’ll be such a busy bee, however, for this first morning back at UD I’m at quite the standstill.

This past fall semester while I was at sea, everything was at a different pace. There was a routine that I got into that allowed a lot of down time, mixed with a lot of on the go. The only difference between now and then was that when I was on the ship I had very limited places to go and when we were in port I had all my plans already made for each day. Here at UD I feel as though I am not sure what I am doing, but that’s how most new places and experiences feel. I’m in the same old place but with a new routine that I haven’t figured out yet. It’s a feeling of excitement mixed with being a bit overwhelmed.

At first I channeled into the overwhelming feeling of being back on campus. After I scurried around running my errands I came back to the house and cleaned the kitchen. This calmed me down and I realized that it’s going to be overwhelming unless I channel into the excitement part of how I’m feeling. So I washed the dishes, poured myself another cup of coffee, went upstairs and made a plan just for today. I realized that at Semester at Sea I had learned the value of each minute and each moment. As I sat down I made a plan to carry that moment by moment with a guideline of plans into my spring semester at UD.

My goal for this semester is to not forget to take each day moment by moment, not checklist by checklist. So as I move into spring semester 2017 of senior year I get ready to enjoy every detail in the hopes of a more fulfilling time in a place I have come to call home. 

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