What is Porches?

By Alexandria GT

At the University of Dayton there is an online portal called Porches. Porches is for all registered students, faculty and staff of the University of Dayton. Porches is a place for students, faculty or staff to be provided with communication from the university and tools in order to be set up for success.

When logged into Porches there is a navigation panel to the left of the page that can take you from the “Front Porch” to many different areas such as: UD Daily, Flyers First/Student Accts, the different programs offered at UD such as School of Business Administration, Graduate School, HR Connections, etc.

Now that you have more of an understanding of what Porches is, I’m going to focus on the “Front Porch.” The Front Porch is what comes up when logging into Porches. Now the Front Porch is where you are presented with updates, such as the “Insider’s View” and “UD Community Profile.”  It is also where I, as a student, can go to check my UD mail, calendar, Dayton weather forecast, search the university website and see university campus reports.

My favorite part of Porches is the connectedness it brings with it! When at school I go on Porches everyday just to keep myself updated with what is happening on campus. It’s easy to get lost in one’s studies and activities, so I find by checking Porches I am able to get out of my own focused bubble and have an understanding of what else is happening on campus!

So there you have it: a little insight into Porches and how the university helps us students stay connected to the university as a whole! Yet another means of bringing the word community to life here at UD!

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