Day One On My SAS Voyage

By Alexandria Erin

1 ship, 105 days and 800 people from 220 different countries!

Day 1: Saturday, September 10th 2016

0900-1500    Embarkation of voyage participants.
1130-1330    Lunch available.
(2 lunch spots are called the Lido Rest on deck 9 & the Berlin Rest on deck 6).
1500               On-ship time to explore and make new friends
1600               Lifeboat drill.
1700               The Odyssey departed for Pireaus, Greece.
1730-1930        Dinner available.
2000               Welcome introductions by the Dean!
2100               Sea meetings with our RD (resident director) and fellow floor mates!

(I got the times and categories from the pamphlet we were given for the day so some of the times varied, but were basically the times listed).

Day 1 On The Ship
Today was crazy and so much to take in! I made some friends while waiting in line to get onto the boat, we laughed a lot and were nervous/excited together. They knew each other before and we happy to let me join their group! We got on the ship and I met my roomie, Elizabeth; she’s awesome! Turned out Elizabeth had made friends with the people I met in line in Germany, so that was cool! We then walked around and toured the ship while we waited for our bags to get to our room. Lunch was delicious as well as dinner, which are both buffet style. For lunch I had a salad, baked chicken with herbs and steamed veggies and for dinner I had more steamed veggies, stir-fry, and coleslaw. The food was very good and there is coffee served at every meal, so I’m very happy I can get my coffee fix through out the day.
The ship is absolutely beautiful. I’ll post photos when I am able to get better WiFi in port. It does not feel as though we are at school, but rather that 500 students are coming together to get to know each other, live in a very beautiful setting and broaden our world knowledge. I’m sure it will feel a little different once we start classes on Monday.

We also had a lifeboat drill and, I kid you not, my roommate fell asleep standing up in her life jacket. It was amazing. Elizabeth can sleep through anything! After the drill we all went and sat/stood on the various deck levels and awaited our departure from Germany. It was amazing; taking off was the best feeling. It was a type of excitement I’ve never felt before. I couldn’t believe it was finally and actually happening!

After dinner and welcome introductions, our floor, called the Adriatic Sea, went to the Kino Cinema to meet our RD and go over some housekeeping and rules about the ship. Our RD, Devin, was hilarious. We did an icebreaker where we tried to count to 50, "popcorn-style," around the room and if anyone said the same number we had to start over. By the end it was down to 30 and we just could not get it. Through much laughter we kept attempting this challenge and then finally someone just said the number 30 and we called it quits. Then we went around the room and said our name, where we were from, what school we go to, the port we are most looking forward to and a random fact about ourselves. It was so interesting learning these details from my fellow shipmates, but also specifically from my floor.
Now I’m in my bed writing this blog and trying to get used to the constant dull rumble that is constantly around us. It’s not annoying, just different. It feels like someone has a very light massage sound on but you can’t feel the massage. Elizabeth and I have a window (called a porthole) in our room so I can watch the ocean during the daytime; I’m excited to wake up to the ocean!

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

-Alexandria Erin

(to view photos from my trip go to alexandriasviewfinder.com)

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