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Happiness at UD Series - Post 3

By Alexandria Erin

In my last blog post for my “Happiness at UD Series,” I posed this idea of what is the difference between happiness and joy for UD students? And do students understand the difference between happiness and joy?


After talking with a few of my professors and fellow classmates, I came to the conclusion that many people on this campus see happiness as a feeling and joy as a state of being. Let me go into this a little further.


UD is said to be different from other colleges, but why? I started this series on Happiness at UD to try and scratch the surface in answering this question. After casually asking people I came in contact with in the last two weeks (which of course does not cover everyone who attends or works at UD by any means), I began to see a trend in answers / comments when I asked people what they thought the difference between happiness and joy was and then when I went further and asked how they thought this pertained to UD specifically.


With out getting too much into a comparison view of why we are different from other campuses, I’d like to focus on this idea of UD’s happiness versus UD’s joy. We have many activities on campus that give us this instant gratification that we perceive as happiness, however, we also have many activities that give us long term gratification through hard work, dedication and perseverance that allow us to relish in not only happiness but also this concept of joy.


Going back to this idea that happiness is a feeling and joy is a state of being, we as a campus not only have happiness (which comes from how things or events make us feel) but also joy (which gives us hope that through the tough times we will still succeed and get to our end goals). With this being said I’d like to answer this question of, what is the difference between happiness and joy, by presenting that it is this concept of having hope.


We have this hope in every aspect of what we do as UD faculty, staff or students because of the commitment we all make to not only better ourselves but also better those around us.


It’s been evident to me that for many faculty, staff and students there is a bar set for success and the people who choose to come to UD want to meet that for themselves and for others. In setting goals in an attempt to achieve the success defined for us and what we define for ourselves, we are able to push ourselves in everything we do because of this hope shown to us by other faculty, staff or students pursuing the same ladder of success and achievement. This cannot help but be a direct correlation to this concept of joy helping us through the struggles, achievements, failures, and perseverance we endure in order to get to our desired outcome. It is joy that allows us to know it will be ok no matter what because we are given moments of happiness to push us through with the hope we need in order to make it.


I personally have had many professors, mentors, counselors and friends here at UD that have reminded me of a time I felt happiest because of something I pushed through in the hopes of achieving a goal and allowing the process to make me the very best I can be. That is joy. The ability to keep going, allowing for feelings to be apart of it but not dictating it, and knowing no matter what I’ll be ok.

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