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Happiness at UD Series - Post 1

By Alexandria Erin

One of the main themes here at the University of Dayton – UD - is this theme of “community.” With this theme of community comes this idea of happiness. There is something special about the University that draws people in because of the kindness, compassion and respect that students have here at UD. 

In 2015 there was an article written by Kate O’Brien about the “life at the University of Dayton, #6 happiest school in the Nation.”

O’Brien discusses “why UD is absolutely the best school on earth,” in pointing out a few different aspects that truly form UD and why community and happiness are so prevalent. O’Brien talks about friendly faces, smiles, relaxing on porches when it’s warm out, running into campus tours and saying “come to UD, you’re gonna love it,” the beautiful buildings and layout of the campus, supporting our sports teams and different clubs around campus, the student participation on social media, and so much more! 

O’Brien brings about some great points of why UD is seen as one of the top 10 happiest campus’ in 2015. But what are students saying now in 2018? Is it true that we are still one of the top 10 happiest schools on campus? 

In the next few blog posts I am going to explore this idea of what is happiness at UD and what does happiness mean to the different types of people, whether they are a student, a faculty member or staff member. 

Stay tuned for my findings and interviews as I set out in my last month of school to touch the surface of what happiness means to UD.



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