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My Life

A Blogging Flyer

By Alexandria Erin

Students at the University of Dayton have added to the current phenomenon of blogging in our present society. Classes have begun utilizing blogs for their in and out of class work, students are able to be hired as bloggers (like me) and students are exercising their first amendment rights and just up and beginning their own blogs for many different reasons. Lauren Deanna Prosperi is one of these bloggers who has started two blogs herself and challenged and added to society by allowing her voice to be heard.


After receiving many requests from people to draw them tattoo sketches, Lauren decided to start an art blog so she could showcase her work and make it easy for people to access. From this Lauren realized she wanted to share her thoughts along with her sketches.


Here are some insights into Lauren’s experience starting her blog:


Me: Was it challenging to start the blog? And is it challenging to continue it?


Lauren: It is definitely challenging to continue it, because of my schedule at school and then when I come home for the summer to work.  However, it was not challenging at all to start it.


Me: What is your favorite part about your blogs?


Lauren: My favorite part of my blogs are the actual posts I make, and planning them and writing them.


For Lauren blogging is a sense of being able to express and share herself with the mass amount of people on the Internet. Even with having started her blogs, as a student Lauren finds that she planned on writing much more after the first piece she wrote, however, her schedule is too busy for her to keep up with it consistently. This is a huge challenge that many people face when blogging, just as Lauren does.


Lauren’s blogs: 


Getting to know a Flyer


Me: Why UD?


Lauren: I fell in love with UD after I had done an overnight visit during my senior year of high school.  Everyone was so friendly and I had a great time meeting everyone and touring the campus.  The campus just felt like home and very welcoming compared to other campuses I toured, such as Xavier or George Mason.


Me: What are your favorite places on campus?


Lauren: My favorite place to study on campus are the private rooms in the library, specifically the ones with the windows because I love the feeling of not being disturbed at all while I study and I love the view from the windows since it is so high up.  My favorite place in general on campus is the fountain near Kennedy Union. I love the feeling of everyone coming together around it and the feeling of being in the middle of everything.


Aside from being a student at UD and an entrepreneurial blogger, Lauren also is a traveler, having traveled to 18 states in the USA. Lauren loves musical theatre and has performed on the Benedum stage four times (Pittsburgh's largest theater which seats 2,800 and is one of the 10 largest in the country).


Lauren is an adopted only child from Pittsburgh, PA. She has a bearded dragon named Scooter and a beta fish named Frank!


After this May's graduation (May 6th 2018) Lauren will be working for an IT company in Virginia that does funding for the government along with working in marketing, advertising and social media. Lauren will be able to work from Pittsburgh for this company!

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