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My Life

First Step Into The Unknown

By Alexandria Erin

Looking back, I think about how I went to college knowing no one. I was accepted to a University, (Chaminade University on Oahu), flew in two weeks before school started to try out for the women’s soccer team, took a taxi from the airport to my dorm, found my suite number and sat down in an empty suite knowing nothing about Oahu or knowing anyone there.


The next day I woke up for tryouts. Thankfully I gave myself a self-guided tour the evening before tryouts and knew where to go. There were other girls there also looking like they didn’t know each other and that made me feel more comfortable. I felt like I was on a new planet wandering aimlessly around.


After days of tryouts I found out I made the team. I no longer felt like I was on a new planet wandering around aimlessly. I knew exactly where to go, where my classes would be, I had even explored the island a little bit with the people I was trying out with who had then become my teammates.


When the students began coming to campus a few days before classes started, I had the exact opposite feeling than I did when I first got to campus. I felt like I already knew so much about the campus, made some friends, and had a home away from home as I settled into my room.


I tell this story looking back on my first experience of college. It was a little different because I was trying out for a team and there two weeks before the normal move in time, however, there are similarities to everyone’s first experience whether moving in early or coming at the normal move in time. One of these similarities is this idea of the unknown. Even if you know someone at the school you are going to or have had family at that university, there is still so much unknown.


My advice to those of you not yet having experienced the unknowns of college is, don’t be afraid of the unknown. Everything you know now was once something you didn’t know. We cannot grow or widen our views with out unknowns. It’s going to be uncomfortable, but you must look at it as an adventure.


I look back and see growth from discomfort, friends from strangers, home from an empty suite and family from a series of unpredictable soccer tryout sessions. Discomforts eventually become comforts and you get to senior year and look back to see where you started just like I am. Don’t be afraid, because one day you’ll look back and realize how much you have grown because you took that first step into the unknown.

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