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My Life

The Inevitable Change

By Alexandria Erin

There are a lot of freshman students being hired for catering. I’ve been training them, helping them and getting to know them as they all come in learning the ways of catering. They all seem to be learning fast, which is always nice to see because then it makes it easier for them to just come to work and jump right into what they need to do – less stressful for them in my opinion.


With all the freshman we’ve had in the catering kitchen recently, the conversations go a little something like; how are you liking college? Are you undecided or have you picked a major? Where are you from? How do you like your classes? Where do you live on campus? Etc. With these conversations I have realized that there are changes that have happened on campus from when I first transferred here to now.


One of these changes is the naming of Fitz Hall. When I came to UD we called this building the CPC. This is a building on campus that I have spent a lot of time in due to it being where I took all of my photography classes for my photography minor.


Another change that has been evident while talking to freshman is McGinnis. McGinnis was torn down last year in order to have more housing put in on campus. I also spent a lot of time in McGinnis from it being one of the places the sorority parties were held while going through recruitment, to it being where we held bid day for Kappa Delta, and it being where I did my laundry all of junior and senior year.


The third change I’ll talk about is the change in the University’s presidents. When I came to UD Dr. Dan was president. Now as I get ready to leave UD we have Dr. Spina as president. I have had the honor of meeting both of these amazing people and I look forward to reminiscing with my friends from college of our times with Dr. Dan and seeing Dr. Spina’s success with the University and it’s growth.


I’m beginning to find myself looking back on the past five years of college, specifically the four I’ve spent at UD. It’s been amazing to me all the change, for better or for worst, which has happened on campus. The different things UD’s campus has tried out to attempt to better the campus in one way or another or the change students have made by making their voices heard.


Change is inevitable and necessary, but not always easy. I still call Fitz Hall the CPC and I still find myself a little sad driving past McGinnis. These places hold so many memories for me. Although the changes do not eliminate my memories, the change still makes it feel as though so much is really truly now apart of my past.


I think this is what happens to every senior getting ready to graduate or even alumni, you see the changes and although you’re happy they are happening it takes time for you to accept them, especially when the change effects places you have so many memories in. I’m glad I’m beginning to notice the effect and change now; it’s made me become more appreciative of what UD has given to me – knowledge, experience, growth and friends.

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