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My Life

Opportunities, challenges and experiences lead to confidence

By Alexandria Erin

Confidence is a learned quality. It is not something we have until we have gone through, learned from or become aware of opportunities we’ve endured, challenges we’ve accepted and experiences that once understood, form our world at large.


I’d like to briefly show you a tiny glimpse into the different opportunities, challenges and experiences I have undergone in college, specifically my four years at UD, that have allowed me to have the confidence I have today, and the confidence I wish to gain tomorrow and for the rest of my life.


  • - As a Eucharistic minister I delved into the opportunity to stand up in front of a body of people presenting the body and blood of Christ at mass.

- In CHAARG (women’s work out group) I challenged myself to expose myself to perseverance through exercise with a group of women. 

  • - In Kappa Delta I have been given many different leadership opportunities as photography chair to a senior in the sorority that have allowed me to stand up despite my fears and nervous tendencies. 
  • - As a MyLife blogger I have learned to trust my writing enough to keep going even when I was afraid no one would read what I write or like it.
  • - As a catering attendant I have been given more leadership opportunity through out my time working for catering and becoming a student supervisor because of this. I have learned to embrace what I have learned and teach others, trusting that my dedication, attention to detail and working to the best of my ability would allow for me to give an incoming attendant the best foundation for their time in catering.
  • - As Vice President of Campus Cursive I have learned to trust in my ability to write from my heart in order to make our campus a better place with the love letters I write to anonymously place around campus for my fellow Flyer’s. My letters are meant to be read or kept in order to uplift, empower and mobilize individuals through these tangible acts of love.


These are all just the “elevator speeches” for how I’ve grown in my confidence due to being apart of these organizations or campus jobs. I did not have the confidence I have today when I first joined or on my first day of work. It was learned and gained through these opportunities, challenges and experiences.


Put yourself out there, join organizations, get jobs, find people who you connect with and those whom you don’t and can then learn from, and allow yourself to use these opportunities, challenges and experiences to grow in your confidence of who you are, who you are meant to be, and who you wish to become!


Start small, trust the process and the baby steps it takes to become confident in what you do; from my experience it’s the only way we can all stand up for who we are, what we believe and the future we all strive for as students at the University of Dayton.


Shout out to Experiential Learning for allowing me acknowledge the growth I have gained from opportunities, challenges and experiences, that have made me the confident person I am today, the one I strive to be tomorrow and for the rest of my life. (click on “Experiential Learning” link to find out more)!

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