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Fighting My Senioritis With Group Fitness Classes

By Alexandria Erin

This semester is the first semester I have signed up for an all access pass to the group fitness classes at the RecPlex. At the Rec, there are different types of group fitness classes held every day at different times through out the day. These classes either take place in studio A or studio B located on the second floor of the RecPlex.


It is my third week having the pass and I have to say it is the best 50$ I have spent so far this semester!


As a person who normally enjoys working out alone, I have found myself enjoying the ease of having someone else – who knows what they’re doing – plan the work out and me just having to follow at my own pace.


An example of the classes I’ve been attempting to go to consistently are:


Mondays = Vinyasa Yoga at 4 and then right after Spinning & Strength at 5

Tuesdays = Vinyasa Yoga at 6 and then right after Body Blast at 7

Fridays = Body Blast at 4 and then right after Yoga Mix at 5


On the days I haven’t been able to make the classes I want to go to because of class, meetings or work I try and get to the rock wall and then hit the elliptical after!


If you want to check out the rest of the classes offered hit up the group fitness website by clicking the link below:


I think the group fitness classes are great and the best part is you do not need an all access pass to attend them. You can pay as you go! That’s what I did before this semester because my schedule was all over the place and I could barely make any of the classes.


I have found that these classes have helped keep me more accountable now that I’m finding myself having to fight senioritis more than ever this semester. It’s also a great way to make new friends here on campus and get a great work out!




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