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My Life

New Years "Resolutioners"

By Alexandria Erin

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen talking to my suitemates when I realized my one suitemate, Karsen, was looking reading to run off to the gym. I had been aching to go to the gym to keep consistent with my work out schedule, but had done so much moving in and organizing I hadn’t made a concise effort of making plans to go.


I made a comment, something along the lines of, I should really go to the gym, and Karsen invited me to join along with her. My first thought was how cold it was outside and then I realized I would regret not going with Karsen. Making myself take this first step of getting myself to the gym would be a good start to the spring semester I decided.


I love working out, so making myself go with Karsen wasn’t really so much a forced decision, just an overcoming of laziness.


I love working out because it makes me feel like I am taking care of my mental and physical self. I also use it to channel any frustration I have and get it all out during my time on the elliptical or lifting weights. It feels good to know I am using working out as a healthy means of working through irrational emotions or thoughts.


As we made our way to the gym, Karsen predicted it would be packed due to “resolutioners.” Karsen was more than right, we got there 20 minutes after it opened and there were barely any machines open on the third floor.


Feeling super blessed, I was able to get a bike and then even a mat after to do my planks.


I loved seeing all the people utilizing the gym. Even though it was busy, it made me feel like it was the calm before the storm; everyone coming to get a work out in before the business of classes begun.


I wondered how many people would actually end up returning consistently and how many people were just going because it was their resolution. I came to the conclusion that it didn’t really matter, the main point was they were there and that, for now, was good enough!


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