Wednesday November 15, 2017

Yellow Leaves

By Alexandria Erin

Autumn is my favorite season because of how drastic of a change it is from summer. I also think autumn is the perfect transition from the intense warm to the intense cold depending on where you are in the United States. For me I’ve always lived in areas where there are four transitioning seasons.


Here in Ohio at the University of Dayton sometimes it feels as though we go through all four seasons in one day due to how fast the weather can change, but we still go through the regular four seasonal weather changes despite the crazy daily weather changes.


One of the perks of where my apartment is located is that it is near this area where there are so many yellow trees! At the beginning of autumn the yellow trees are blossoming and so yellow and by the end they fall to the ground acting as a yellow blanket keeping the earth warm.


The other day I had some free time and decided to go out and photograph the beautiful yellow leaves across from my apartment. I haven’t gotten a lot of time this semester to do any photography, which has been difficult for me because I have not yet had a semester here at UD where I have not been enrolled in a photography class.


After photographing the yellow leaves I realized how much I love the crisp transition between summer and winter, the smell of the damp ground, the feel of the light cold wind across my face, the look of all the leaves falling and something about the way the trees are barren.


For me it is as if the barren trees represent hope and the leaves on the ground represent the opportunity for new beginnings.


As we transition with the earth into winter I have challenged myself to stop and remember why I’m at college. Why is it worth my energy that all of my classes require me to put into them? Why is my goal to graduate? How can I end this semester strong? And how can I allow a deeper connection to who I am through the change in seasons?

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