A Little Bit Of Love, A Little Bit Of Maple Syrup

By Alexandria Erin

I grew up in the City of the Hills – Oneonta NY; 4 hours from NYC, 1 hour and a half from Mount Tremper NY and 45 minutes from The Queen of the Catskills - Stamford NY.

Growing up, pancakes and heart shaped waffles were a part of our after church Sunday brunches and occasional suppers, just for fun!

There is a lot that goes into a proper pancake or waffle meal. For starters you’re going to need someone who makes them with love, I have always designated my mother for this, however it can be any person who you know will add love to the making, the baking and the distributing part of your wonderful meal!

Second you’re going to need supplies. The way the GT family has always made this meal is from scratch. If you were mama GT you would grab a glass-cooking bowl, a wooden mixing spoon, the heart shaped waffle iron (or, for pancakes, a cast iron pan), olive oil cooking spray, baking powder, whole-wheat flour, oil (if making waffles), eggs and whole milk. With these ingredients you don’t need to search your cabinets for love because that goes with the cook and, in this case, it’s my mother.


Serves 2 – 4 depending on the appetite

2 eggs

2 cups whole-wheat flour

½ cup oil

1 ¾ cup milk – 2-cups milk

4 tsp. baking powder


Serves 2 – 4 depending on the appetite

1 egg

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup milk

1 tsp. baking powder

Now that we have the means of making the pancakes or waffles, we must discuss the most important part of this delicious meal – maple syrup. Now I’m not trying to brag, but if you grew up in upstate New York or Vermont, you’ll know the truth behind the statement I’m about to make – I grew up with the best maple syrup in the whole world (along with Vermont’s which we also had because we had a ski house in Vermont).

This love has been in my blood for generations as my great-grandparents, grandparents and mother grew up making their own maple syrup.

Words from my mother – growing up with maple syrup 

“So when I got home from school my job on those warm late winter days when the sap runs, was to empty the sap buckets which we boiled down on the weekends over a wood fire. We never bought maple syrup and we would make all the fun foods like maple candy and maple cream for toast. We would hard-boil eggs in the sap as it was being boiled down to maple syrup and it would make the eggs sweet. We would make our own homemade ice cream and pour our maple syrup on it. The other thing we would do was to gather clean snow, boil maple syrup to a hard candy consistency; we would spread the hot syrup over the clean snow and then we would have maple syrup hard candies. That was always fun! Sometimes if we had a lot of maple syrup we would make maple sugar that we would use to make cookies and sprinkle on oatmeal. Now we buy maple syrup from one of my school friends who has it as a business on his farm!”

If you’re in upstate New York and want to check out the farm where my family gets our maple syrup, visit Shaver-Hill Maple Farm and let Dwayne know that Alex GT sent you!

310 Shaver Road

Harpersfiled, NY 13786



And if you don’t get a chance to come to upstate NY and buy the maple syrup in person, you can always order it online. No matter where you are you can get some of the best maple syrup in the whole world sent right to you!

So our secret to the best pancake or waffle meal you can ever have! It’s all about the love and the topping that makes the meal outstanding!


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