Wednesday August 30, 2017

UD's Famous "Up the Orgs"

There are so many organizations on campus here at the University of Dayton. It may be difficult to figure out what exactly you want to do aside from classes and schoolwork. You can look up what the university offers, ask around, wait until you see what you’re roommates are doing and then join or just look for the things you did while you were in high school. All of these ideas can work, but here at UD we have something better, we have Up the Orgs.

Up the Orgs is a campus activity where all of the organizations on campus set up a table and give out information about their organization. It’s a great way to go and check out everything UD has to offer, find clubs that you wanted to join in college or be surprised by ones you didn’t even know you wanted to be in.

Here’s a YouTube video you can check out form up the orgs in 2014:

This is a great way to not only learn more about UD, but also your fellow flyers as well! 


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