Rainy days outweigh

So far this summer at my family’s camp in upstate New York the weather has done nothing but rain. Rain is awesome, especially for my mom’s garden; however, it has been holding us back from our goal of building a cabin this summer.

Last year my grandparents gifted my mother, my uncle and my aunt (their three children) with parts of the family land that was settled by our family from the Netherlands eleven generations ago. As my parents have their winter home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and now this land in upstate NY where I grew up, my parents decided to take this summer to build a cabin for a summer home on this family land.

But we are months behind! The cabin is coming along slower than we have thought; however, spirits are high as it gives us more time get other summer chores done that we did not realize we needed to do such as cleaning out the garage from my mother’s great aunt Harriett that we have been storing some of our “toys” in (kayaks, snowmobiles, etc.).

The east coast has been getting more rain than expected this summer even in Connecticut where my Aunt and Uncle live. For me this does not ruin my summer plans, as it makes staying inside and working on my summer classes easier. Yes this sounds a bit selfish; however, I am taking advantage of the situation.

Although this summer has had a dreary start, it has been a great set-up for snuggling inside with coffee at least four times a morning watching my biology lectures and doing work for my English class.

We shall see how the rest of the summer plays out, but I am guessing this rain shall pass and I will have some more exciting summer plans to share than just my summer classes! 

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