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My Life

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Service March 14, 2018
Hanging out with the St. Louis L'Arche community for a weekend was, quite simply, lovely.
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March 05, 2018
A Fresh Start
Getting on with a new semester.
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Campus and Community March 03, 2018
First Step Into The Unknown
We cannot grow or widen our views with out unknowns...
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Campus and Community February 27, 2018
The Inevitable Change
I’m beginning to find myself looking back on the past five years of college, specifically the four I’ve spent at UD. It’s been amazing to me all the change, for better or for worst, which has happened on campus...
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Students and Campus Life February 25, 2018
Flyer TV
Flyer TV: An essential to every UD student's television proclivities.
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Experiential Learning February 16, 2018
Opportunities, challenges and experiences lead to confidence
Put yourself out there, join organizations, get jobs, find people who you connect with and those whom you don’t and can then learn from, and allow yourself to use these opportunities, challenges and experiences to grow in your confidence of who you are, who you are meant to be, and who you wish to become...
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Athletics February 12, 2018
Fighting My Senioritis With Group Fitness Classes
I have found that these classes have helped keep me more accountable now that I’m finding myself having to fight senioritis more than ever this semester...
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Campus and Community February 07, 2018
Find Your Passion, You'll Soar
When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that's when passion is born.
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Athletics January 31, 2018
Fearless Leader
"The windows in the place seem like they are going to blow out." John Brown, pilot and captain of the UD Red Scare student section, shares his experience with UD basketball.
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International January 31, 2018
Get Out
Don't hold back
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