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My Life

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Campus and Community May 07, 2018
One Last Post
College is something I will always be proud of, and most importantly the path that lead me to be a Flyer for life...
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Students and Campus Life April 24, 2018
Spring Vibes
Student gather on KU field for the annual Spring Concert featuring country artist Russell Dickerson
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Students and Campus Life April 21, 2018
Final OAC
The fourth and final of my extended adventures with OAC.
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Faith/Mission April 17, 2018
Happiness at UD Series - Post 3
It’s been evident to me that for many faculty, staff and students there is a bar set for success and the people who choose to come to UD want to meet that for themselves and for others...
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April 06, 2018
Mental Health Matters
After a long hiatus, here is what I've learned.
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Faith/Mission April 05, 2018
Happiness at UD Series - Post 2
I have begun by asking students, what is your definition of happiness? The most common responses I’ve gotten thus far have been...
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Experiential Learning March 28, 2018
My First Summer REU: University of Pittsburgh
I'm still in shock. I've been wanting this opportunity for so long.
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International March 27, 2018
Don't Settle
What do you find yourself dreaming of and longing for?
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Faith/Mission March 25, 2018
Happiness at UD Series - Post 1
In the next few blog posts I am going to explore this idea of what is happiness at UD and what does happiness mean to the different types of people, whether they are a student, a faculty member or staff member...
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Students and Campus Life March 19, 2018
A Blogging Flyer
After receiving many requests from people to draw them tattoo sketches, Lauren decided to start an art blog so she could showcase her work and make it easy for people to access. From this Lauren realized she wanted to share her thoughts along with her sketches...
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