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Campus Ministry

Reflections on Today's Readings

By Kelly Adamson, Director of Residence Life Ministry and the Campus Ministry Grad Assistant Program

Here are three quick but important headlines for our lives from today’s readings:
Overworked and feeling like you can’t do it all – it’s true. You can’t do it all. Immediately before the verses we hear in Numbers
today, the people are complaining and asking for more than Moses can give. Moses cries out to God, “I am not able to carry
all this alone.” God responds by telling Moses to gather leaders to be blessed and to work with him. If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure how you are going to carry it all, cry out to God who hears you. Do not fear sharing the load.
FOMO is real. (Showing up is key, but sometimes you can’t.) Both the elders and the disciples show up. Scripture says the
elders gathered “in the tent of meeting.” When you’re a leader, you must show up for your commitments. Go to the meeting, contribute, learn, receive the gifts given, and go out to share them. It’s also true that sometimes you can’t make the commitment in the first place. Other times you aren’t invited to the meeting. In those times it’s important to remember that God is still present. God is still blessing you.
Partisanship is not new. The elders complain to Moses and the disciples complain to Jesus: “they are not one of us.” Neither
group seems seem to recognize that those others are also blessed, they are also God’s holy and beloved people called to
live in and share God’s love. The leaders refuse to work with those whom they see as not on ‘their side.’ Neither Moses nor
Jesus are having it. Neither should we.