Finding Peace and Love

by Michelle Perusek  UDSAP '09

I remember sitting in the Love Room our first week there, staring around at all of the quotes from different generations of UDSAPers, as BT led our group in a reflection about the culture shock we were experiencing. Little did I know then, but that culture shock would take a huge turn nine weeks later, as I returned to mainstream America.


Memories from 1976 and 1977

by Susan M. Mospens, PhD

Some memories from 1976 and 1977:

  • A tree trunk used to help support the ceiling in the dining room
  • Hauling water in milk jugs into the house after filling them each day in town
  • Watching a black snake eat a toad on the front lawn
  • Lowering Junior down the well on a rope to retrieve the lost buckets at the bottom of the well.