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Homies for Life

From the blog of those who attended the LA BreakOut:

We started off our day today in a wonderful place known as Homeboy Industries. This is a place for former gang members to come and try to contribute to society in a more productive and safe manner. While we were all listening to Father Greg so eloquently talk about journeys, we were all struck with God's presence. By just being present with Father Greg, the homies, and all the workers we could feel such strong love and respect for one another's well-being. It was overwhelming in the best way possible. The strong support each person had for one another seemed tangible.

After our tour of Homeboy Industries, we went to a well-known historical plaza in the center of Los Angeles. While in the center of the plaza we received a packet containing information about one of our founders, Marie Thérèse. Marie Thérèse and Father Greg both shared a lot of similarities in the development of their ministries. The most common similarity is that they offered resources to those considered the outcast of society, like prostitutes and gang members. These resources were open to those willing to make a change. It was not a forced ministry. In addition, they gave the people seeking help tasks to make them feel worthy and valuable as well as prepare them for the real world. A big take away from this reflection was learning the importance of saying YES to God, even when it is not clear where your vocation may take you.

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