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Campus Ministry


An Honest Letter to the Season of Advent

By Scott Paeplow, Campus Minister for Liturgical and Pastoral Music

Dearest Advent,

It’s wonderful to see you again and welcome you to the forefront of my attention.  As I’ve stated before, you are my favorite liturgical season and I’m pleased to share once more why that may be.   

I cherish the way that you bring light to the center of our worship experience through your wreath of four candles, especially as it gets increasingly darker outside, dear Advent. I also appreciate your consistent reminder of the foundation of our Christian salvation history by sharing the prophecies of Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Isaiah, Baruch, and Micah.  But most of all, I adore your emphasis on the reality of the Incarnation; that Emmanuel, God-with-us, came to us not because of anything that we had done to deserve Him, but solely because of how intensely God loved, and continues to love, the world. 

But Advent, I must confess that you come during a hectic time of the year.  The semester is ending, there are special Masses to attend to, and of course, Christmas is only a few weeks away.  So I admit, dear liturgical season, that you come during a period of significant distraction. 

I’m grateful for your patience with me, Advent.  And I’m drawn to the simplicity and warmth that you generously and unwaveringly offer me, year after year.  Help me to encounter you more fully this year, so that just like my forbearers in faith, I may make room in my life and heart for the coming of Christ. 


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