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Challenge, Brighten and Grow: Couples Journey Group

By Taylor K. Tovey, '19 and Christopher J. Turley, '18

Whether you live in the same town or a few hundred miles apart, all couples experience periods of grace and of
frustration. Now that there are 500 miles between us, we have found that many of the lessons we learned during couples journey group continue to challenge, brighten, and grow our relationship.

For example, writing this article over google docs might not seem to be too hard of a task. Yet with two easily distracted people who are eight hours apart, it takes time and patience. With a foundation of trust and communication formed early
within our relationship we were able to embrace the uncomfortable situations of life by making them into joyful

Committing to couples journey group one month into our relationship, we didn’t quite know what we were getting into! However, journey group became a much anticipated opportunity for developing intentional conversations and
growing in faith as we learned to pray together. For couples in all stages of a relationship, it provides wonderful
examples of healthy, lively couples who are continuing to live the challenges and the joys of life with one another. Journey
group has helped form our foundation, so we might continue to grow in joy together. We encourage you all to consider participating in this year’s upcoming journey group- registration and details can be found here

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