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Don't Miss This, Incoming Students

By Ethan Becket (‘26, Callings Leader)

UD Class of 2027, WE are so excited to meet YOU! So excited, in fact, we want you to come to campus this summer. Come join us this summer for our CALLINGS 2023 Program.

As an incoming first-year student, I was very nervous to enter UD, a new environment filled with many new faces, especially after graduating with a class of only 24 peers. My brother encouraged me to sign up for the Callings Program, something after 4 years he still wished he had participated in. I am not the most outgoing person, but as soon as I entered campus for my week of Callings I was welcomed not just by friendly faces but by people with true intentions of getting to know and help the participants. When I got back home, I was not only comfortable with college, but excited to return because the participants and leaders had become and still are my close friends. Through these friends I have been introduced to so much at UD and I am extremely grateful.

Callings is led by rising second-year students who help incoming students to explore campus and the city of Dayton, and to reflect on your own vocation as a UD student before even arriving at school in the fall.

So, if you are an incoming first-year student, I encourage you to sign up for this invaluable opportunity.

Early Bird registration ends June 15. Get more information and register here.

Register for either: July 9-12th OR July 16-19th

(Also, if you want to combine this visit with your New Student Orientation, 30 slots are available for Callings participants both July 13th and July 15th.) 

Scholarships are available upon request.

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